Coiltek 14x9 Elite Coil

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The ELITE coils utilise a new winding innovation that optimises the transmit and receive signals and therefore improves depth and sensitivity when compared to a standard wound similar sized coil.

The ELITE range has next to no touch sensitivity, smooth stable operation and no abnormal external interference issues. Essentially they run smoother than any other standard coil on the market.

The ELITE coils are wound with a high grade LITZ wire and care is taken with every coil to ensure overall consistency in performance. The new CAMO look is there to help improve the uniqueness of the coil and set it apart from the competition.

  • Weight: 895gms including skid plate, nut and bolt
  • Easy to manoeuvre on diggings
  • Very stable – often allowed an increase in Rx Gain and Stabilizer
  • Suits both GPX4500 & GPX5000
  • Extremely sharp and bright target signals
  • Easy to pin-point
  • Capable of some serious depth on small targets in Sensitive Extra – will be extremely successful in milder ground areas
  • Camouflage hat and bag included

2 year manufacturer warranty