The new Minelab GPX 6000...when LESS is MORE

Announcing the new MINELAB GPX6000!!

...when LESS is MORE. Lighter. Simpler. Audio how you want it.

Minelab Metal Detectors give you MORE than just a metal detector, we give you world's best metal detection technologies.

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Minelab’s GPX 6000
includes loud and clear audio. Choose between the in-built speaker or wireless audio with the new ML100 aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth™ headphones. With GPX 6000, you’ll never miss out on the sound of gold.

As they say in the industry...'coils ain't coils'.

Choice is important and so is reliability...the new GPX6000 will be available with three standard coil options:

* GPX11" Monoloop
* GPX14" Double-D coil
* GPX17" Elliptical coil

Minelab's GPX 6000
is built to last. Tested in the harsh environments of gold fields worldwide, the GPX 6000 can withstand extreme heat and heavy rains with waterproof coils and a splash-proof control box. A 3 year warranty is included, backed by Minelab's global support.

Minelab's GPX 6000
is the perfect balance of performance and ergonomics. Its ultra light carbon fibre shafts means you can swing it all day long, and it packs down to a small 76 cm (30 in) so it will fit into your backpack. Never carry two detectors again to find big and small gold.

The GPX 6000 weighs only 2.3 kg (5.1 lbs), featuring carbon fibre shafts, streamlined control box, and signature U-Flex™ armrest - detect longer and feel comfortable doing it. With a Li-Ion quick-release rechargeable battery supplied, you can detect for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

With automatic features and an easy-to-use interface, you’ll be an expert at finding gold from the moment you turn on your GPX 6000. Because GeoSense-PI continuously adapts to changing soil conditions as you swing your detector over the ground, there’s no need to adjust any settings.

Finding gold has never been easier.


Built by the world leader in metal detection technology, Minelab’s GPX 6000 is the fastest, lightest and simplest way to find all types of gold in one machine — from tiny pieces of gold to the elusive ‘retirement’ nugget. 

GeoSense-PI™'s more than just luck when you swing a Minelab Metal Detector - it's world's best tech.

Clermont, the home of The Outback Prospector is also the primary field testing ground where world leading, Australian-designed Minelab Metal Detectors are tried, tested and perfected by your local Minelab dealer Jonathan Porter.

The next-gen GPX6000...make sure you're on the list here:

or get yours now at Queensland's largest Minelab dealer on the goldfields, right here in Clermont.

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The new Minelab GPX 6000...when LESS is MORE