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A guest blog from one of our new chums Geoff & Jess Hodge!


Over the Christmas holidays, my husband Geoff and I loaned a Minelab Go-Find 40 Adventure detector from Jonathan & Frieda at The Outback Prospector metal detecting supplies in Clermont. For anyone looking to get into detecting but doesn’t know where to start or which detector is best for them, the Go-Find series are a simple & low-cost introduction to the hobby.

Having no prior experience in detecting, we both were not sure what to expect, however we got out there and had a go! We had so much fun and it was very easy to set up and use. It is also very lightweight which is ideal if you want to wander around for a few hours. The model we used (Go-Find40) comes with a mobile app which maps where you are currently and also has an LCD screen to indicate the type of object the detector is picking up. eg. ring pull, coin or ring.

We went metal detecting in the Hunter Valley, NSW near an old railway siding, however after finding a few old screws and metal shards we hit the money pot, landing ourselves a few silver and one gold. We were over the moon, which encouraged us to keep looking!

Since it is very easy to change the length of the detector, it is perfect for children as well! We swapped the detector between each other so we could all have a go and my parents even got involved!

We would highly recommend the Go-Find 40 as a starting detector for some fun for the entire family at the beach or your local park! What will you find?!

Contact Frieda on 0409 394 651 or check their Facebook page for more info! The Outback Prospector on FB

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