SDC-BZB Control Box Cover

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  • Lined with nylon covered neoprene to add cushion and protection for your detector.
  • Bottom of cover is lined with super tuff conveyer belt material, easy to wipe off and provides a tough surface that is hard to wear out.
  • Extra loops to thread that expensive headphone adapter through to take the strain off of the jack.
  • Flaps that open from the top to access your controls, and not block your view. Flaps that open from the bottom block you view of the controls and take two hands.
  • PVC stabilizer foot to make sure your detector does not flip over on its side. This removable foot is made of unpainted PVC with end caps. Best to glue the caps on once you install the foot through the loop.
  • Easy open access flap to battery compartment.
  • Straps to hold the arm cuff open.