GPX5000 Instructional DVD

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Gold Prospecting/Metal Detecting

Unwrapping the GPX5000 DVD

Let JP be your guide as you dig through the layers of the Minelab GPX5000 to discover the power within the world's best metal detector!

JP's latest instructional DVD goes deeper than ever before into the practical application of Minelab's world leading GPX5000. Learn how to release the potential of your new detector through extensive field demonstrations including recommended settings for the new range of timings.

Unwrap the technology behind the machine as Minelab's Bruce Candy and Philip Beck explain how and why this detector gives you the 'depth advantage' in a variety of soil conditions.

"As with any new adventure, good preparation is essential. Make sure you have plenty of fluids and a few snacks on hand at all times, and that's just for the DVD! Enjoy your 3 hour journey into the depths of your GPX5000"
Jonathan Porter 

PAL Format
2 DVD set
190 mins
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