Coiltek 9" Elite Coil

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The ELITE coils utilise a new winding innovation that optimises the transmit and receive signals and therefore improves depth and sensitivity when compared to a standard wound similar sized coil.

The new coil, 9” ELITE MONO, is a highly sensitive and stable coil which optimises detecting opportunities by providing a heightened ability to see the sub-gram nuggets at good depths. This new 9” size coil was chosen from specific market research where we could see the need to introduce a unique size to suit the SD, GP & GPX series of detectors. This coil is easily manoeuvred in amongst the terrain and is perfect for finishing off a patch or where you know small nuggets may have been missed by the larger coils.


  • Camo Print Design utilising the ELITE winding configuration
  • High sensitivity for small targets (may also see occasional hot rock which is expected)
  • Lightweight & easy to manoeuver
  • A great choice for specimen or reef gold!
  • Round shape with standard shaft mount, includes skid plate and nut and bolt
  • Weight: 715 gms / 25.2 ounces approx.
  • Camouflage hat and bag included
  • For more details see manufacturers website

2 year manufacturer warranty